Monday, June 10, 2013

Juiced up today

We got a meter today and tomorrow the electrician will turn us on. Just in time to have an AC unit installed, with 95 degrees daily highs. How can such an ordinary thing make me feel so relieved?

Today I made a screen shot of the site on Google Earth. This image was dated August 2012, before the road and clearing was done. The area inside the polygon is the ~ 4 acre nominal area for our temporary home and the sites for the main and guest houses that will be built over the next 3 - 5 years. The vegetable garden and chickens, out door living areas, natural pool, food forest and other garden spaces, and walking paths will all be inside this area. The rest of the property is to be left raw, undisturbed.

If a new satellite image were to be shot now it would show the clearing through the woods for the road and culvert, the mobile home and clearing under the oak trees, as well as the cuts for the utility trenches.

The trenches are hard for me, they are like cuts into the "mother" ground that cause an ache I cannot shake or rationalize away, even though we've made extra special care to avoid the trees' drip lines. The only other option is to run hundreds of feet of pipes and wires over ground, absolutely untenable. So I reconcile the big picture with the process. The construction process is very much destruction/transformation, like the principle of Shiva. Here is a gentle representation of the main iconography, especially the crescent moon. This is a week of the waxing crescent.
painted card of Shiva with icons, c. 1880

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