Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The old oak tree-eees

Live oak, post oak, red oak, white oak... by any name, the oak trees -- and others -- are some of the most precious treasures at Bliss Haven. Much thought went into choosing a path for the road to preserve as many as possible.

The road has lovely branches arching over as it winds through and around the woods. When the mobile gets moved on to the land, however, some limbs might have to get trimmed.

The topic of oak wilt is a problem that is new to us. It's not just the golden cheek warbler that has to be taken into consideration every step we take toward moving on. Almost all of the clearing and cleaning we intend to do, was done last fall -- in the safe period -- but to protect our oaks now in the spring, every cut has to be done clean and the wounds sealed immediately. Apparently it's OK to remove dead branches that do not involve living tissue, because the beetle carrying the oak wilt fungus is only after fresh oak flesh.While I don't want to worry unnecessarily, it genuinely concerns me how vulnerable nature is.

We removed the juniper at the home site when we cleared, opening up under and around the oaks and elms. It's truly lovely; but every shrub removed, all the detritus "cleaned" away, destroys habitat. "Be it ever so humble, there's no place like home," and the rotting leaves and other debris are bugs' and other critters' palaces. Landscaping here is nothing short of bittersweet.

These are the two big trees that are the center point for the main house and our temporary home site in the mobile.

Spring 2012 from the southeast - "Granny" is the tallest

Spring 2013 - same angle

Granny has been freed of dense undergrowth

Early March 2013 from the northwest

The pad for our new house in just in the corner above. This image is taken from where our gardens and chicken house will be. We call the tree to the right the Granny Tree and to her left is the Auntie Tree, two regal old ladies who are just putting out new leaves for this year. I have many herbs to lay at their feet. Can't sleep at night, what with all the planning what to do next, what to put where...

Purslane, peppers, and ...


Last year's potted plants wintered over well, ready to go sit under the Ladies.These sweet silver-blue hens and chickens are direct descendents from my grandmother's, which she had since I was a very young child. The pepper plant already has peppers on it! I thought it had died, just goes to show...

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