Saturday, April 20, 2013

Second Spring

Little Barrel Cactus Flowers - so sweet - and right in the middle of the guest house footprint

The road is finally COMPLETED!! Culvert and water meter issues were sticking points, resolved without much complication. Today we marked the driveway culvert with our address:

Antelope Horns
We are in a severe drought, Stage III restrictions. It's cooler than past Aprils, which is absolutely lovely, but with only enough rain to coax the wildflowers and grasses to grow.

The BIG NEWS - Our little house is bought today!   They will put it on the site this week. Now to push ahead with electric, septic, and water installations. We have great consultants, but there are so many steps and contingencies. Let's see how quickly this goes... I want to move out there before it's too hot.
Little House
It will look so sweet next to the Granny Tree. I hung one of our tubular wind chimes under the Granny Tree today, to set the stage.

            Now we're cleaning up around the Cattleman entrance, thinking how to landscape. Where to put the mailbox? What kind of fence and gate?

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