Sunday, November 4, 2012

Cutting the Road

 This has been an exciting few weeks at Bliss Haven. Charles Sharp and his crew have been clearing the path for our road and water for the past two weeks. How wonderful to be able to walk through to the home site! We are very fortunate to have Charles helping us.

Friday afternoon Kindra and John from ClaySandStraw went out to see the site again. It's quite amazing to see the difference now that the brush under the oaks has been cleared. We also met up with Charles and his partner Jeff there, and made plans for the culvert through the creek and to put the water line through.

 We met our neighbor Geoff this morning and talked about the fence line, water wells, and burning. He said there are some bold and crazy coyotes in the area, and one of the workers said he saw a very large one on the site this morning.  The county will come out to help with them, we learned.

There are lots of things to learn about living in the country.

Praying Mantis - blends in to the landscape
Here is a photo of a not-so-little-fellow who was strolling across the road. I startled when the 5 inch long piece of bark started skittering in front of me. Then he froze and posed for the photos. These are beneficial creatures.
Isn't he a handsome gent?
 Joshua and I also had a close encounter with a Texas Spiney Lizard. Suddenly the leaves and bark were twitching violently at my feet under an oak. He stopped moving and we wondered if he was hurt or dead, but just a little movement of my boots and he went to flopping again.
Source: via Jim on Pinterest

Here is more information about these common lizards.

Joshua has become impassioned with this building alternative, including the ability to make a living roof. Lots of photos on Pinterest. Here's a really sweet guesthouse:

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