Thursday, July 12, 2012

July rain

It's been a month since we were at Bliss Haven, but it rained and I just had to see what was up. 

Weather conditions suggest that El Nino could be forming, which would give us wetter than normal conditions for July through November. Wouldn't that be something! The rain this week makes up a little bit from a very dry June. 

Here are photos of water standing not only in the bottom of Little Bear Creek, but also two spots between the ranch road and the creek. 

Nicholas, I was looking for frogs today but I didn't see any. Maybe we should build the pond at one of these natural mud holes, so frogs can live here all the time.
"Did you say frogs?"
  Tu and I checked out the temporary fence line we put up over a month ago, and I was really surprised to see it completely intact. In fact, the line still had perfect tension on it, even though the string is just wrapped around the steel posts one twist.
We walked south and found the other markers on the western boundary, for the first time. It was a little rugged going through the bottom of the creek. The ravine is lovely! 

The ravine has all kinds of things to pick up. Here are some of the little treasures Tu and I collected today. He likes the meteoric rocks, and I feel obligated to pick up the golf balls ;-)

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