Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Little Bear Creek is running!

The survey was completed yesterday, and today is the first day of spring, so it's a very auspicious day to go look at our place for the first time!

Peter, Kristen and Meisha went with us, and Keith Olenick with TWC joined us for a preliminary survey of the biology. Meisha had plenty of energy to spare after stomping around for two hours, but she's a seven month old Belgian Malinois. The rest of us were not accustomed to walking on rough terrain -

We had a thunderous storm pass through last night with up to 3 inches of rain locally. We couldn't get across to see the southern third of the parcel. We could hear the creek from a hundred feet away or so. The riparian is quite dense and hard to get down to it. This is how much water was running in it about 12 hours after the front passed through.

The creek runs from west to east across the lower third of the property. Much of it is shallow and broad like in the photo above. The far eastern portion has a steep cliff forming the south wall of the creek. That's probably because the east end narrows and is joined by the unnamed dry creek from the northwest and the creek makes a U-shaped curve back to the south a short distance downstream.

There are many beautiful spring flowers blooming now, including blue bonnet. Keith pointed out some of the types of trees and shrubs growing, and told us what types of wildlife prefer the different growing zones and plant species. We found a beautiful tall oak which will be the center of our residence courtyard. There are countless wonderful trees which we will expose and support by removing the competing cedar. We'll call that "operation No-Compete" when we draw up the Master Plan for the site!

The wonder of Bliss Haven is that it is very much undisturbed. When we were walking over the center of the parcel, near where we will build our residence, Keith found this flower loved by monarch butterflies:

Antelope Horns

Asclepias asperula


It was a glorious day discovering Bliss Haven.

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