Saturday, March 24, 2012

It's Official!

3915 Cattleman Drive

This is the entrance to Bliss Haven farm, at the very end of Cattleman Drive. Hays County gave us this address for our property a couple of days ago. We closed the deal yesterday afternoon!Tu and I went to the property after we closed and had a little picnic supper. 

We still couldn't find a way through the creek to the southern portion of the property, not because water was running but because it was too dense with growth and piled up debris. Part of the excitement of this place is the challenge to explore it! It is undisturbed by humans to a large extent, and it hasn't had livestock on it to our knowledge; we've only seen a little bit of trash here and there.

What we did see are lots of spring flowers and butterflies! Central Texas has not completely recovered from the severe drought, but recent rains have powered an explosion of color. Verbena that was not in bloom on Tuesday was in bloom on Friday. Yellows of flowers and butterflies danced in the breeze. Several different blue blossoms rivaled the sky in clarity. 

Here are some images from our afternoon,but there is no way to capture and share the incredible perfume: 

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  1. It looks beautiful Glenda!!!! A truly peaceful oasis...or should I say a truly blissful oasis :)