Saturday, March 10, 2012

Getting to Bliss Haven

It's only 5.7 miles from our current residence and 26 years of marriage to get to our new place. Take FM 1626 to Bliss Spillar Road and go all the way to the Spillar Ranch. You're at Autumn Woods. Our driveway entrance is at the end of Cattleman Drive, on the east boundary of Autumn Woods (that's where Tu is standing in the banner photo).

We successfully raised our family in Corpus Christi; and though we tried to make a medical practice there, business wasn't so good. Since we've moved to south Austin our luck has changed! We had been looking in the South Austin and Buda area for a property to purchase for a permanent or semi-permanent residence since January 2011, wanting to live in the country yet close to my work.

Research revealed some fascinating information about the area west of FM 1626, including proposals for land development. We don't want to be surrounded by high density neighborhoods, and urbanization is a guarantee in this magnificent place of Austin, Texas. Some maps of local subdivisions and neighborhoods show large areas marked as "water quality" areas. Such a strange designation for a land that is almost always parched, it warranted more investigation.

When I first learned about conservation projects managed by the Hill Country Conservancy, I felt a pang of desire and wished to be one of the lucky people who might have a homestead at Autumn Woods. Three months later we signed the contract for our 40 acres.

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